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In conclusion, in this essay I have stated that how child observation tasks I have undertaken has opened my eyes to the world of children. Because I have learned something I knew, but did not realise that I knew it. Every day I observed my own children but I rarely give a second thought about such observations. I have also talked about how my understanding of child development was very limited and the module contents and the child observations boosted my understanding immensely. In addition, I mentioned the child I observed was the same racial background as mine, and felt that I might not get sufficient learning in terms of anti-oppressive and anti-discriminately practice, and because as a potential social worker, it is vital that I need to be exposed to other cultures.

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This essay looks at the role of observation in early childhood care and education
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This essay looks at the role of observation in early childhood care and education. It will discuss and examine this role throughout. To work effectively and successfully with children, you must know how to understand them. Developing the skill of observing children and interpreting what you have observed by using reference to your knowledge is the main task. It is by closely observing behaviour that you come to understand the theoretical information derived from research studies into children and their development.

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During this semester, we were required to make an observation on the adult-child interaction. This review essay will explain briefly about the interaction occurred, feedback from both parties and the significant of theory in child language development. Therefore, on 4th November 2013, I had an observation at an early childhood center, SMART LITTLE BEE in Putrajaya. Smart Little Bee is not just an ordinary childhood center, the founder Miss Nor Julia bt Mohammad Nor tried to implant new exposure in educating the child using the Montessori Theory which had been used in several countries such as Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

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