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Nike engages formal analysis in understanding the market segments, in which marketing mix has been influential in delivering the changes. While choosing market segments, Nike has focused at different groups in the target market who display similar traits. Nike has made sure that the market segments are accessible, measurable, substantial and viable (Strasser, 2003). Accessibility in the sense that the products and services offered by Nike are practical cost effective and relevant to the distribution channels; measurable aspect is critical in Nike since the company uses the strategy is allocating the marketing spend. Nike reflects aspect of substantiality in the eyes of sustainability, since each market segment must have the ability to show long lasting effects (Katz, 1995). Viability of the market segment is reflected in the eyes of product affordability and in building a competitive edge on the products and services offered by the Nike. An example is the athletic shoes targeting athletes and the Nike Air Jordan targeting at the basketball players among others.

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Now that all the information is being tracked and fixed, we can now see how it does abroad. In the 90’s Nike wanted to figure out how to reach an even larger fan base. Soccer was the ticket to gain that popularity not only in one country but almost every country in the world. At the point of taking production to another country the process of building customer value and marketing kind of starts over. Knowing this Nike took players from the World Cup-winning Brazilian National team. They redesigned the uniforms and pulled in some US teams as well .

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Nike's target market has always been children and young adults. Their commercials, such as the "Just Do It" and "Be Like Mike" ads had an image of sweat and performance. Nike attempts to catch the attention of their target market, much like P.F. Flyers did with the baby boom kids in the 1950's. They attempt to convince consumers that simply by wearing their shoes you can run faster and jump higher and, whether you are wearing them for "padding around the house or driving to the local 7-eleven", you are "allied with those who spend hours a week honing their bodies". Only they simplified that message by saying to those consumers: "Just Do It". That is a very broad statement and one that most likely caught the attention of a lot of people. Nike was telling consumers just to do their own thing and be themselves and we would all find common ground as long as we were all wearing Nike sneakers. Many of Nike's customers are young women. In fact, they have so many women customers that they, wisely, came out with a Nike Women line a few years back, in order to target those consumers more appropriately. I fit into their target market because I am a young, active, adult female, interested in health and fitness. Also, growing up in the time that I did Nike's mission statement of inspiration and innovation could not be more appropriate. As I and others in my age group have matured we have watched technology mature as well. Computers went from black and green screens to become the world's information super highway, video games went from Atari to Sony Play station II---the innovative, technological advances go on and on. Why should the shoes we wear be any different?

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And positioning (which is sometimes referred to as product positioning) is: Positioning is the target market’s perception of the product’s key benefits and features, relative to the offerings of competitive products. ” With the number of competitors only the rise it is important for an organization to forecast what the consumers buying trends are. Nike, although one of the largest establishments in their field, they still are not untouchable. They have to stay a success by continually improving on the products. Nike leads the way with new technology that innovate all sports.

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Another potential weakness for Nike might exist in its choice of athletes as spokespeople. With the retirement of Michael Jordan, Nike is left for the first time in years without a primary spokesperson. Nike has moved to ease this transition by the signing of Tiger Woods but no one can replace Jordan's mass appeal and influence. Nike's main thrust these days, at least domestically, seems to be related to professional basketball. In light of the recent labor strike and the many reports of negative behavior on the part of some NBA athletes this narrow emphasis may put Nike in the position of being tarred with the same brush as the athletes who wear their shoes.

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Market segmentation in Nike has made the organization more effective in meeting the exact wants and needs of the target market. Although costs of advertising may go up, the response of the segmented market is worth in persuading the customers in the segmented markets, in that the model will meet the needs (Carbasho, 2010). Nike has admitted that meeting the needs of the segmented markets is addressed in a more comprehensive and reliable pattern. Each different group is supplied with diverse packages that are re-shaped in accordance with the diversity of the target group.