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In 1873 Nietzsche became friends with Paul Rée, a philosopher of Jewish origin whose thinking was heavily influenced by , materialistic science, and French essayists like La Rochefoucauld. Although Rée lacked Nietzsche’s originality, he clearly influenced him. From this time on, Nietzsche begins to view French philosophy, literature, and music more sympathetically. Moreover, instead of continuing his critique of Socratic rationalism, he starts to praise the scientific outlook, a shift reinforced by his reading of Friedrich Lange’s History of Materialism.

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The Romantic roots of this manner of thinking and writing are clear (cf. Friedrich Schlegel). All this questioning movement is related to the project of essayism. No wonder, then, that Nietzsche is widely acclaimed as a classical essayist. While his preferred genre is the aphorism, many of those so-called aphorisms are, in fact, essays.

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When he was a student in Leipzig, Nietzsche met Richard Wagner, andafter his move to Basel, he became a frequent guest in the Wagnerhousehold at Villa Tribschen in Lucerne. Nietzsche’s friendshipwith Wagner (and Cosima Liszt Wagner) lasted into the mid-1870s, andthat friendship—together with their ultimate break—werekey touchstones in his personal and professional life. His first book,The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music (1872), wasnot the careful work of classical scholarship the field might haveexpected, but a controversial polemic combining speculations about thecollapse of the tragic culture of fifth century Athens with a proposalthat Wagnerian music-drama might become the source of a renewed tragicculture for contemporary Germany. The work was generally ill receivedwithin classical studies—and savagely reviewed by UlrichWilamovitz-Möllendorff, who went on to become one of the leadingclassicists of the generation—even though it contained somestriking interpretive insights (e.g., about the role of the chorus inGreek tragedy). Following the first book, Nietzsche continued hisefforts to influence the broader direction of German intellectualculture, publishing essays intended for a wide public on DavidFriedrich Strauss, on the “use of history for life”, onSchopenhauer, and on Wagner. These essays are known collectively asthe Untimely Meditations.

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