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There is no secret that today’s workplace is rapidly becoming vast, as the business environment expands to include various geographic locations and span numerous cultures. What can be difficult however is to understand how to communicate effectively with individuals who speak another language or who rely on different means to reach a common goal?

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...Managerial Communications (Man-373) 6 November 2011 Communication in Your Workplace Effective communication in business is imperative when it comes to the success of a business. Every aspect of a business requires communication. Communication within a company may have started out with one style and then changed throughout the years. Some other companies may have never adapted to our changing society and have found themselves obsolete. Some companies have adapted to different forms of communication based off of the type of business conducted and internal components that the company faces. Today, I will focus on three specific forms of business communication discussed in the book, the scientific management style, the human approach and the contingency approach. I have incorporated parts of these three approaches in my professional career. I have seen different styles of management communication, even within the same company. I have worked for United Parcel Service, or UPS, for over 22 years. Over half of that time spent in various levels of management. The relationship between management and front line, non-management employees follows the scientific management style. This differs from the communication style that exists between management. The style that has evolved between management follows the contingency approach. These styles have evolved, over the years, because of its unique business structure. The communication between management and employees has...

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.... Distorted listening by the recipient of the message 4. Pre-judgments held by the sender or recipient of the message 5. Nature of relationship between the sender and recipient of the message 6. Messages that involve emotion either on the part of the sender or recipient 7. Lack of suitable systems to get the message across Effective Communication in the Workplace Leads You towards the Business Success [pic][pic]Many believe that the communication is easy. But it is not especially if you are dealing with different sets of people you don’t know very well. This is the main reason behind the ineffective communication at your work place. Unlike our normal day-to-day communication, workplace communication covers different levels and aspects such as marketing, customer relation, management etc. Therefore to do an effective communication in your workplace, you need to have different communication skills. Workplace communications need to be done with individuals, teams or with large groups. Sometime you may need to communicate with outsiders such as clients and shareholders. Therefore different communication channels as well as different communication patters such as verbal, face-to-face and nonverbal communication should be used at the workplace or during the external communication. To establish effective communication in your workplace, you need to have a proper plan or strategy. Your plans should cover following areas to ensure...

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Moreover, understanding that people come from varying cultural backgrounds will boost my professionalism in dealing with individuals from diverse cultural groups. In fact, this is a critical factor of communication affecting the workplace (Cultural and Language Barriers in the Workplace, 2002). I could use this information to ensure that cultural differences do not negatively affect the interactions amongst team members in a group. This information can be factored into various teamwork processes such as decision making and sales activities.

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...MGMT 308 CHAPTER 1 The Role of Human Resources What Is HRM? Human resource management is the process of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to the workplace, and developing strategies to retain employees. The Role of HRM There are seven main responsibilities of HRM managers: staffing, setting policies, compensation and benefits, retention, training, employment laws, and worker protection. In addition to being concerned with the seven internal aspects, HRM managers must keep up to date with changes in the external environment that may impact their employees. The trends toward flexible schedules and telecommuting are examples of external aspects. To effectively understand how the external forces might affect human resources, it is important for the HR manager to read the HR literature, attend conferences, and utilize other ways to stay up to date with new laws, trends, and policies. SKILLS NEEDED FOR HRM Ethics is perhaps one of the most important aspects to being a great HR professional. There are a number of skills crucial to human resource management. First, being able to organize and multitask is necessary. In this job, files must be managed, and an HR manager is constantly working in different areas of the business. Communication skills are necessary in HRM as well. The ability to present good and bad news, work with a variety of personalities, and coach employees is important in HRM. Specific job skills, such...

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Within the workplace, there are many factors that affect overall communications. These factors alone may not break down the barriers of communication; however, when you add two or three factors together, the lines of communication begin to weaken. This deterioration of communication leads to larger issues and slowly the company begins to fail. When a company fails, everyone suffers. Knowing how to handle workplace communication issues can mean the difference between a company that stays in business for hundreds of years and a company that is only able to stay in business for a couple of months. Although communications have been, researched, analyzed, and discussed in great detail, there seem to still be many problems and issues that are never altered. To understand communication issues, one much first understand communication and how it affects our lives on a daily basis. Our research, interpretations, solutions, and conclusions are discussed in further detail.