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"Fatigue" According to Jane Brody, in her essay, exhaustion, tiredness, weariness, low energy, and weakness are known as a semi-illness named fatigue. Not a while ago, people's complaint was based on over exertion; meanwhile, in modern-day fatigues, grievance about being tired is more likely a consequence of "under exertion". According to the modern day model, which has been described in Brody's essay, three classes of fatigue should be consider. In the "Physical Fatigue category" the main point is about overworking the muscles to the point where metabolic waste products accumulate in the body and "sap" the strength. The solution for physical fatigue is simply making the body comfortable; however, "Pathological Fatigue" described as a warning to the body after a cold or flue. "Psychological Fatigue" is another term for "emotional problem and conflicts". This particular type of fatigue can often come out as physical symptoms. Applying couple of remedies for psychological fatigue patient including "underlying emotional problems" and "marriage counseling" may help the condition.

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Read this essay on Muscle Fatigue

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...Human Factors has been a crucial part of the aviation industry for some time now. The reputations of Airlines are depended on the safety that they provide in order for the passengers to feel secure during the flight without any problems. But the modern world still experiences the hard ship of dealing with human factors that affect the pilot in control hindering decision making as well as the ability to act quicker resulting in accidents occurring. It is known that 70% of fatal accidents are related to human factors, of which 20% is fatigue. It is evident that fatigue is a major implement in accidents occurring with the loss of passengers and money in airlines, which is why they are a concern in the aviation industry. The question that most pilots have to face when they have been involved in an accident is whether the accident was caused by a human error or a mechanical failure, most being human errors and this essay will be based on the concept of fatigue as well the risks and management that can be supported to improve this human factor. There are two types of fatigue if it was to be categorised: Physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Physical fatigue is when the individual experiences lack of strength within himself, such as lifting objects where the muscles are fatigued. On the other hand, mental fatigue is to do with the mind not physically such as the level of consciousness decreases as time goes resulting in decrease in attention. This can be dangerous when a task that...

Muscle Fatigue Induced By Hand-Arm Vibrations Essay
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