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If you are having difficulty believing 100% in God’s existence, I recommend that you read some of the other essays at this website…and watch the embedded videos. Having doubts about God does not make you a bad person.

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You miss the point of the essay. God makes his existence completely clear to everyone. But he does not force himself on anyone. When Saul experienced God on the road to Damascus, he still had the opportunity to deny God. He could have dismissed his encounter as a hallucination, for example.

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“What have I written that suggests that knowing someone exists is synonymous with loving them?”
Your essay states God does not reveal himself because he wishes us to love him.

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This essay does a good job of dealing with evil on earth but does not address the very existence of evil or the devil. Lucifer was created by God, we don’t have a history of evil before Lucifer–did Lucifer “create” evil? Did God “create” evil via Lucifer? This is the tough question.Modern and contemporary philosophers cited in articles, custom essays, term papers and essays, on the other hand, prefer to think otherwise. Modern philosophers rationalize God's existence and state that He does not exist. In contrast, contemporary or postmodern philosophy does not state that God does not exist; they merely argue that it is not possible to determine His existence.I have taken up theology and philosophy classes and have written countless essays about God, yet the question still remains unanswered. Does He exist? Religion tells us that yes, He does, and to question His existence implies that one has a serious problem with faith. Even science is determined to prove Him. Some scientists have spent time on research papers, books and reports, making public announcements, and even recording videos — to prove that He exists.Is there a God? How can you be that God exists? Can you to me that God is real? Does the existence (or lack thereof) of God make any significant difference? Was Nietzsche right in declaring: “God is dead!”? These questions strike at the very heart of human existence, and cry out for our personal attention and deliberation. Furthermore, these questions must be answered before we can inquire into the truth of Christianity. After all, if there is no God, then Jesus certainly isn’t God in the flesh! If there is no God, there is no Christian faith worth considering. In this brief essay, I will share three persuasive clues (traditionally called arguments or proofs) that point to the existence of God. This is not an apologetic for , but rather for basic – an argument that God exists, not an argument that the God is real. ( | | )

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But one of the main points of the essay is that God DOES show himself. It is just that he is careful not to be forceful in his revelation so as to allow humans the free-will ability to either accept or deny him. God uses such things as beauty in order to point to the higher reality of his existence.

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Every person asks whether God exists or not. Philosophers, theologians and other thinkers have spent a lot of time trying to answer this question but they end up in contradicting answers. There are many questions and issues that are directly related to this question for example why are people believers? Does God exist? What is the essence of religion? There is no specific answer to any of these questions and therefore one would ask why are people asking these questions to begin with? There are two major groups of people in reference to this issue; the believers and atheists. The believers will always raise arguments that prove the existence of God while atheists will always prove that God does not exist. This is a clear implication that there can never be an answer to the question of whether God exists or not. It can neither be proved nor disapproved and therefore this question is futile. The side taken by the atheists and believers is based on faith in which a person believes in something that s/he has no proof of its existence. The argument whether God exists or not is therefore not necessary. This essay is a manifestation that we don’t need proof of God’s existence.