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Overgrazing occurs when farmers stock too many animals such as sheep, cattle or goats on their land. The animals damage the soil surface by eating the vegetation and either digging into wet soil or compacting dry soil with their hooves. This can prevent grass growing and slow down the percolation of water through the soil. This leads to the damaging of the soil structure as the level of nutrients is removed and the air between peds is compressed out. This then can reduce the amount of water between the soil crumbs as the weight and movement of the animals flattens and compresses the soil. Soils with less vegetation become exposed, drier and prone to further erosion by the wind and rain. Soils that become drier tend to be vulnerable to the winds blowing the top soil away. The Sahel region of Africa is an example of soil erosion caused both by overgrazing and population growth. In the West of Ireland additional funding from the EU in the 1990’s saw an increase in the sheep population. However, areas of West Mayo suffered soil erosion by the additional hooves and further funding was needed to sort this problem.

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1. Which of the following is most likely to be the result of soil erosion? a. Loss of lives and properties
b. Loss of work
c. Increase in epidemic cases
d. Increase in food production
2. How does the vegetation covering the hillside minimize soil erosion? a. It beautifies the hillside to attract visitors
b. It absorbs excess water to prevent flood
c. The leaves give shade to protect anyone from UV rays
d. The roots hold rocks and soil in place
3. What is the best practice in conserving our soil resources from erosion?
a. Using organic fertilizers in farms
b. Planting vegetables in the mountain
c. Planting large trees on hillsides
d. Building houses on top of the mountains

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Wind erosion damages crops through sandblasting of young seedlings or transplants, burial of plants or seed, and exposure of seed. Crops are ruined, resulting in costly delays and making reseeding necessary. Plants damaged by sandblasting are vulnerable to the entry of disease with a resulting decrease in yield, loss of quality and market value. Also, wind erosion can create adverse operating conditions, preventing timely field activities.

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The Role of Man in Conserving Natural Resources.

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