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Essay On The Conflict Theory Of Social Change
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Essay On Conflict Theory Sociology

Students explore picture books to identify the characteristics of four types of conflict: character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. nature, and character vs. society. Next, students write about conflict in their own lives and then look for similarities among all the conflicts shared by the class, ultimately classifying each conflict into one of the four types. Finally, after investigating the compare and contrast format, students conclude with a compare and contrast essay that focuses on two conflicts—one from their own experience and one from a picture book or story that they have read.

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Gestalt principles lead us towards certain grouping judgements, but as we have just seen and heard, they often conflict. This leads to an uncertain judgement, or in some extreme cases an unstable one, where we flip between two judgements (as in figure 6). However, usually one principle overrules the other, and these relative strengths may be measured through controlled testing. Some of the tests performed in the study of Lerdahl & Jackendoff's Grouping Preference Rules (GPR) are explored later in this essay.

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