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An edited volume by Bruce Ellis Benson and Norman Wirzba as part of Fordham University Press’ Perspectives in Continental Philosophy is an ecumenical phenomenological study in the religious activity of prayer. Prayer is multi-faceted, and so these essays are appropriately wide-ranging in their analysis while united in their singular interaction with prayer. The Introduction asks:

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Ontotheology means the ontology of God and/or the theology of being

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By definition, a high view of Scripture inheres in evangelicalism. However, there does not seem to be a uniform way to articulate an evangelical doctrine of Scripture. Taking up the challenge, Vincent Bacote, Laura Miguélez and Dennis Okholm present twelve essays that explore in depth the meaning of an evangelical doctrine of Scripture that takes seriously both the human and divine dimensions of the Bible. Selected from the presentations made at the 2001 Wheaton Theology Conference, the essays approach this vital subject from three directions. Stanley J. Grenz, Thomas Buchan, Bruce L. McCormack and Donald W. Dayton consider the history of evangelical thinking on the nature of Scripture.John J. Brogan, Kent Sparks, J. Daniel Hays and Richard L. Schultz address the nature of biblical authority. Bruce Ellis Benson, John R. Franke, Daniel J. Treier and David Alan Williams explore the challenge of hermeneutics, especially as it relates to interpreting Scripture in a postmodern context.Together these essays provide a window into current evangelical scholarship on the doctrine of Scripture and also advance the dialogue about how best to construe our faith in the Word of God, living and written, that informs not only the belief but also the practice of the church.

Bruce ellis benson essay
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Kevin J. Vanhoozer, James K. A. Smith, and Bruce Ellis Benson …

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